Hourly pass
2.50 EUR /1 Hour (no monthly fee)
Cancellation Notice 0 days

Pay only for the hours you will use MOB.
Access the space from Monday to Friday between 9.00 to 17.30
You are check in when you connect to the Wifi and check out when you disconnect.
Buy hourly passes in bulk for a big discount (hourly passes expire 180 days after purchase).

Time Passes
  • 1 Hour
    2.50 EUR
    • 10 EUR /5 1 Hours
    • 36 EUR /20 1 Hours
    • 80 EUR /50 1 Hours
    • 140 EUR /100 1 Hours
Booking Credits
  • Ada Lovelace (Meeting Room) / Alan Turing (Meeting room) / Rosalind Franklin (Meeting Room)
    Price per hour: 5.00 EUR
  • The Very Private Skype Booth
    Price per hour: 0.00 EUR
    100h/month included
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